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Tolik, in the Northeast at least Amtrak continues to expand passenger service but most of us can’t get to a train station except by driving there. Relative to driving yourself it is somewhat pricey and takes longer too. That said, I love trains, and taking one to NYC is a relaxing trip vs dealing with the traffic once in the metro area, and finding a place to park. A big part of the problem though is being able to get where you want to go. In a couple weeks I am going to Oyster Bay which is close in to the city on the north shore of Long Island. I’d have to take Amtrak into the city, then catch a LIRR train to Oyster Bay and then catch a cab to get to my hotel. In total it would be a very long (in hours) and expensive trip relative to just hopping in my truck and driving straight there. Cutting through the city to get to Long Island is nothing short of a nightmare for this guy that lives on a dirt road however, and then it doesn’t get much better once on the island given how densely packed it is close in to the city. When I did it last year I thought you couldn’t pay me enough to live there, and that part of Long Island is absolutely a “gold coast” area. Maybe I should try the train anyway…..

I think phones are a much bigger part of the problem than the # of cars. Despite it being illegal I still see people driving while on the phone all the time.

We still do not know why the other driver crossed into my daughter-in-law’s lane though. Phone? Distraction? My son hasn’t picked up the police report yet. He does know it was a taxi, so maybe getting a bit too aggressive looking for places to pass? Ironically enough the taxi was bringing the passenger to the very hospital that they all ended up in. Not sure if the passenger was supposed to be a visitor or patient.