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I suspect we’ve gone past the point of no return with government regulation. Maybe I’m naive, but I wonder what would happen with even just a small handful of huge civil (not criminal) law suits based on negligence on the parts of auto companies. When the bottom line would be hit over and over for companies not employing the most up to date safety equipment and standards, why wouldn’t that do the same thing as government regulation? If a company is truly slacking in standards, let ‘em get whacked, and have some heads roll when the shareholders aren’t happy with share prices, and turn out in force at the next shareholders’ meeting (where officers are voted on, along with their compensation).

To me, that beats endless government studies, companies paying off politicians to keep laws from being passed that would cost the companies more money to make the changes, etc. A few big law suits with huge awards could take far less time and hurt the companies as much or more than legislation – and then those we sent to Washington (or our own state capitols, or other nations’ capitols) don’t keep becoming even more emboldened, thinking they can control everything at all times. Whether through legislation or threat of severe financial penalty, the ball doesn’t start rolling until someone is unfortunately killed or injured initially anyway, and I have to wonder if in the long run the “fix” is more effective when it’s the people that companies are afraid of, not government.

As for your daughter-in-law MB, I’m just thankful she’s alive regardless of the motivation for good airbags. As for photos, you can always just upload them as files at the bottom of your post before you send it. And then only those on the Forum can see them anyway, in case you’d prefer not going full-public. Just make sure you’ve reduced the size of the photo to stay within the 1.96 MB file size noted in the attachment area below the message window. (The problem with your photos appears to be that they’re stored on Google, and of course we don’t have a way of getting into your private photos there. When the link is clicked, Google doesn’t recognize the entity trying to access the photos, and just denies entry. You can keep copies on your hard drive just long enough to upload them to the SHTF Forum, and they will show up as an attachment as per the above comments.)