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Had a long talk with one of the daughters last night. Has a good friend in Sweden that she is going to visit soon. Told her that is a great contact to have if she feels she needs to leave country. Told her that if she felt the need to protect her daughter and herself to pull the trigger and get out. She looked at my wife, who said, “He’s right. Do not stay because of us.”

I love my country, but feel she has lost her way, and I’m not sure she could find her way back now.

The immigrant issue in Europe is a prime of example of the citizens in Syria and Iraq voting with their feet. I wonder how many parents around the world are having a conversation about getting out. With the lunatics from ISIS roaming the countryside, why wouldn’t they leave?

As others of have said, you better know someone where you are going and understand what you are getting into when you get there.