“When all others stand by and do nothing”
I don’t have an issue with most of your comment (although it brings to light another problematic social division). However the above quote is truly unfair in that LE will not allow anyone else to be physically involved. Additionally I think most “normal” people are deeply concerned with the assassination of police officers.

Those standing and taking videos of the female officer who was beaten in the head with a chain before shooting her attacker come immediately to mind.

Those brave souls who took down the shooter down south recently, cuffing him despite his being armed and calling for help on the officers radio are the exception nowadays.

There’s allowing, taking on the legal and moral responsibility for that person, and then there’s accepting it when the excrement hits the rotary impeller device. In the middle of a fight, its a tough call.

In that fight, “l” don’t know who’s side you are on, good guy or bad.
Wearing a badge? I know.