12 Officers murdered since August 20th.

Any other group of people, except lawyers and the public outcry would be enormous.

But its just cops.

People make negative comments about the blue blood, the brootherhood of the badge, etc, and why cops stand together and apart.

Those 12 deaths illustrate why.
We know our brothers ans sisters behind the badge will be there for us.
Will kill themselves coming to our aid.
When all others stand by and do nothing,
They are coming.

And good cop, or bad cop, every family has a few, they will be there for one another.
For their families, like the entire departments that just showed up to take fallen officers kids to their first day of school.
Or where entire shifts donate their overtime/comptime to cover the pay lost when a fellow officer is taking his wife for medical treatment and is out of vacation and paid leave.

I hear a lot of complaining and negativity about cops, but what I don’t hear is those complainers stepping up to do the job.
Its a terrible job, and the fact that some 800, 000 brave souls step up and do it, ruining marriages, missing kids programs, taking years off their lives, living with great mental scars from what they’ve seen, is a testament to those who step up and stand in the breach. Ready to do violence on your behalf. The sheepdogs.

Hats off, heads bowed for the fallen, god speed.
You’ve already spent your time in hades.