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Ah yes. That’s the story I referenced in your other thread. What’s even more telling is if someone goes and looks at the Google Maps view of the pond, and the “creek” just to the left and upstream of the pond. To call that a navigable waterway is not even a stretch of the imagination – it’s beyond absurdity! The sewer pipe leading out of my bathroom sink is no more of a navigable waterway. Want to see it for yourself? Open the satellite view (link below), and you’ll see the Johnsons’ pond just to the right of the orange Google Maps location marker. You’ll also see the label for the mighty {choke!} Six Mile Creek. Just don’t have anything in your mouth when you look, and make sure you’re sitting on a nice stable chair so you don’t literally ROFL uncontrollably. But then you’ll quickly compose yourself again anyway, as the realization hits you that this is real, and it involves a real, constitutionally [un]protected American family.

[Google Maps view of property with “offending” waterway.]

It’s too bad that “justice” can’t include equivalent fines for those who try to impose them – if they lose. Unelected EPA bureaucrats have the power to absolutely ruin ordinary folks (e.g. the $millions already “owed” in fines by the Johnsons), yet they are not in any way accountable to the people. I truly believe that the EPA constitutes a “from my cold dead hands” threat – and would be willing to act accordingly. To the EPA: molan labe, and see how serious people have become. Thank goodness for the rancher in Nevada and the “evil” militia that showed up to support him when the government stole his cattle. No more rolling over. Pretty soon may not be innocent cops putting gas in their cars, but instead it will be grossly over-reaching, unelected, power hungry bureaucrats showing up on private property to take what is rightfully the owners’ property or destroy their chosen land usage.

Thank goodness Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are willing to stand their ground, ON their ground, next to the marvelous fruits of their labors (the stock pond and all that has come with it since).