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But that rain is really bad in some spots. One island location registered over 24″ overnight!

And, Erika was cancelled this morning, only to be re-born later today as “Invest 90,” capable of further organization/strengthening.

One comment on generators: make sure you don’t just start them (and run them a little while to evaporate the initial water that’s created in the cold system as a combustion byproduct), but ALSO plug things into it. Make sure that not only the engine is running, but also the generator and associated electronics as well. Noise doesn’t necessarily equal power.

Also in the long run remember that even 20 gallons of gas will only last so long, then power is gone. Plus, the sound of a running generator post-SHTF (meaning in a VERY quiet environment), is a magnet for bad guys. I’m personally thinking that more solar is ultimately the way to go – particularly in the south where battery-killing cold temperatures are not much of an issue. Expensive – but then so’s auto insurance, particularly if you never have to use it. Good AGM or gel batteries can be kept indoors quite safely, thereby further protecting them from the widely varying temperatures outside, and also from theft. Silent power, renewable power? What else could one want in an in-place survival situation?