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I’ve been watching this for several years, particularly after the absurd situation involving the Johnson pond out in your area of the country, Whirlibird. I’ve looked at that pond on Google Maps, and it is absolutely absurd what the EPA can do. After building my own rainwater collection and storage system (that ultimately goes back in the ground anyway), I began to become aware that in some states what I accomplished on my own property would be deemed illegal, and that some states were encouraging neighbors to rat out other neighbors. Utah, of all places, where the predominant religion formally promotes prepping, actually made rainwater collection like our system illegal until recently! I was speechless when I learned that.

I think about a fine past president of the NRA, and apply his words to MY water rights on my own property: “from my cold dead hands….” Come and get it! You take away my ability to hydrate myself, my family, and grow my garden if circumstances warrant, and you might as well give me a death sentence right here and now. Being as how I’m very much alive, and hydrated, I would oppose any specific action to take away my system. Water could yet become a line in the sand for many folks. (Perhaps I need some of that military camo netting to put over our system so the satellites don’t see it….)

As for the EPA claiming that even if they win, only the 13 states will get to apply their win: Bravo Sierra!. To say the EPA is out of control, is so far beneath the categorization as an “understatement” that it would otherwise be laughable. My entire neighborhood is built in what used to be a tiny creek bed. What do they want to do – bulldoze all the homes and restore the natural flow of the “navigable” water (navigable with a bath tub toy three times a year in exceptionally heavy rain, that is)?

I’ve heard it said that if a person experienced a sudden decompression in a space suit, their blood would almost instantly boil in the zero-pressure conditions. We’ve got normal atmospheric pressure here right now (ex-hurricane Erika never made it up this far), and my blood’s already boiling.