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when the American people look at the cops the SAME way they look at a gang member , there is a problem , and the American people didnt create the problem ………….they did . Just Sayin

Tolik, that’s “just sayin'” a mouthful. I agree that it would be (is?) a problem if “the American people look at the cops the SAME way they look at a gang member,” but I believe that most of “the American people” would still be far more likely to call the cops, when they are the victims of crime, than any of the gangs they know.

Have a few bad cops overstepped their authority? Yes. Have some poorly-, or wrongly-trained cops been trigger-happy, willing to kill first, and analyze/apologize later? Yes. Have some departments “closed ranks,” and covered for their out-of-line co-workers? Yes. But the pertinent question is: for whom do these LEOs and their employing agencies work? If you said, “the American people,” paste a gold star on your chart.

So, how much effort have “the American people” put into straightening out their misbehaving employees? If you said that most of it was online grumbling, or letters to the editor, or occasionally, writing to some elected official, get another gold star. Actually, most of the bad things governments have done to their alleged “employers” have yet to be fully appreciated, and while their plans involve using the police forces (and likely, the military) to keep “the American people” suppressed long enough to get away with what they have stolen, cops are stuck in the middle, owing some kind of vaguely defined duty to those whose taxes pay their salaries, yet being under the more direct command of those who, increasingly, are ripping everyone else off.

Why do you think it has become so necessary to prepare for the political/social/economic collapse you see coming? When “the American people” retired from the field of actively monitoring, and correcting their governments, they created a power vacuum. A people, the majority of whom refuse to put in the effort to learn what is being done in their name, with the taxes they provide — who accept blather and lies, because it’s easier than research and campaigning, who vote for people who abuse them because they simply recognize the name — get what they get. Shooting the piano player is a cowardly substitute for learning to play a different tune on the instrument yourself.

Cry, "Treason!"