Beats me why they want to get to Germany. They like blondes. German women will be dieing their hair dark like the Norwegians. This will be a major social disruption.

A few countries ( including us ) need a leader with some balls like Putin , that will simply round them up , and kick them out . Then put the military on the border ………….problem solved , many problems solved . This should be a warning about collectivism , or backdoor Communism . I was talking to an Irish immigrant the other day that was working here on a green card , hell of a nice guy , but he was telling me some real horror stories about how the Marxist EU works …………………and it was frightening !!!!!!!! EU nations have NO sovereignty , and its almost impossible to get rid of undesirables without paying them to leave . Italy is putting the dirtbags in a barracks , and trying to make things so miserable for them that they leave on their own . Like at the end of WW1 and WW2 , Germany is going to end up getting what it deserves , as they helped to create the problem in the first place . Like in pro sports , key players will only be top dog for so long .The Krauts should probably stick with what they do best , which is design and build superior products , world politics is not a strong point , and has rarely turned out good for them . The EU is crumbling from within , yet another example that Communism doesnt work ……..anywhere .