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Watch the storm closely freedom. As you say they don’t always go where they are supposed to. Good luck.

You aren’t going to convince me on the critters part. Friends lived in Palm Bay and one day when they came home there was a huge snake in their garage. My brother lived in Clearwater and there were these little lizard type critters all over the place. No way would I walk barefoot there. I had to pull over on the interstate one day because what they call love bugs had splattered over my windshield to the point that I could barely see. He and our friends would have their homes sprayed every month or so for bugs. I swear some of the bugs down there are so big you could almost put a saddle on them. Then we took a ride from Hollywood where my wife’s aunt lived across the State to Lehigh where my cousin lived and the alligators…..ugh. I inherited land in Lehigh Acres and went to visit it one day and found it had just been bulldozed to make way for a house. I called the County offices to ask what was going on and it turned out someone else with land in Lehigh Acres had the same name as me and a mistake had been made as to what lot to clear. I asked what about the damage to my property and was told the construction people did me a favor, that the county wouldn’t even send anyone out there until a lot was cleared on account of the snakes. Nice and cold up here. Almost no snakes, none poisonous. No alligators. No lizards scurrying around and not much in the way of bugs.