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The EPA has been putting a lot of pressure on VT concerning what is making its way into Lake Champlain. Most of the water in the western half of the State flows into that lake. The rest flows to Long Island Sound. I live on the western side and the water that exits my pond does head to Lake Champlain so I can’t dispute your assessment 74. The State has been out doing dog and pony shows trying to convince the general public why they need to be supportive of efforts to protect Lake Champlain. Earlier this week I listened to a couple farmers in town thinking that the EPA doesn’t know what they are talking about as concerns farm practices. The EPA is going after everyone however, not just farmers. There is an ad running asking people not to fertilize or use weed killers in their yards but if they must, to only do so in the autumn. I’m sure glad that drainage ditch I had dug last year was done last year. There are much bigger fish to fry before anyone will care what I’m doing however. My pond appears on the Town map though and so it is not invisible to any bureaucrat looking for bodies of water should they ever get to the small guys. I don’t fertilize or anything like that but I do mow/weed whack right to the water’s edge.