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No, my Town isn’t all that old (1761) to have carried forward that position. Where I used to live was a much older town (1673) and they still have the position of Fence Viewer, but no excitement in that role. This morning I was with two people at the Town Hall who announced it was time for homemade donuts and coffee and asked me if I wanted to come. I had no idea what they were talking about but said sure, I like donuts. We head up the road a ways and pull into a farm and proceed into an old junk of a trailer that a woman in her 80’s lives in., the kind of place that will likely end up in a landfill when she doesn’t need it anymore. She still milks the cows herself and together with one of her sons and a grandson runs the farm. I learned that every Friday morning she makes a big batch of homemade donuts and a couple pots of coffee and has an open house. There were all sorts of people there, only one that I knew other than the two people I went with. The place was roaring with laughter and when I was leaving she was telling me to come back next week, as were others there. I was just so impressed how this woman who lives in poverty was so generous of spirit and welcoming of a complete stranger. She is rich in family & friends however, including 6 kids of her own, two additional kids she adopted from the State, 19 grandkids and a 19th great grandchild about to be born. Though they live on the other side of the mountain from me and aren’t my neighbors in that sense, they were great folks to meet. I have no regrets about relocating here.