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That it is not a good thing to be a stranger in a time of crisis is an understatement. Sometimes people can live somewhere for a long time and still be strangers. The folks we bought our place from were here 14 years and I have yet to meet anyone that knew them other than the people directly across the road, and even those neighbors were at best casual acquaintances. When one of my brothers died in his home a couple years ago, the day after the funeral I went to a couple neighbors to leave my contact info and to let them know that nobody should be at the house. This was a suburban community where the houses were on small lots. None of the neighbors even knew he died and it was apparent none of them knew him despite him having been there for 3 years. Being it was an unattended death (diabetes), I’m thinking how could the neighborhood not have noticed the police cars for the initial wellness check that a friend of his requested, and then the police being there for however long it took for the coroner’s office people to arrive, and finally the ambulance to take him away, yet the neighbors missed it entirely.