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That’s a bit surprising, but in a way not. Sometimes there are pockets of what I’d term “pet projects” that get funded, yet other very basic things are cut, and cut, and cut. And one thing I’ve noticed over many years is that people only half-jokingly say that if a new building is built, you can count on the project being shut down soon. I’ve seen that happen time after time – major renovation, or a new building, or even moving an entire operation, only to be closed down or drastically cut just a very small number of years later.

Some fairly decent sources (not close enough that I’m comfortable saying I’m certain) tell me that the Air Force combat fleet was really beat up over in Iraq/Afghanistan, with inadequate maintenance getting done, resulting in a worn out fleet. Certainly the Army has been significantly hurt, especially in personnel cuts. And morale is terrible. Congress has really hurt the military with the cuts. How the military is allocating money in some pockets, I don’t know, but if we had to fight a significant conflict now I think we’d be in a world of hurts. And a two-front war? We don’t even put up a false front on that issue anymore.

I hope those contracts stay intact, frankly. It’s nice to know that something high tec is being funded. I hope it makes a difference.