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In support of my prior comments that local govt is minimal here and volunteers do much of the Town’s work (a good thing in my opinion if there is a general deterioration of govt in the future), here’s one that gives even me a chuckle. The toilet seat at the Town Hall had been broken off for at least a week. Having visions of somebody not noticing it wasn’t attached and then sliding off and not knowing if such a thing was already someone’s job to take care of I asked the two women that work there would I be stepping on anyone’s toes if I replaced it. The answer was no and so I went to the hardware store, bought one, and replaced it. Then I came home and mowed & weed whacked around the old one room school house across the way while some other volunteer was mowing the ballfield.

Town Hall consists of just two large rooms. One of the women that works there wants to move her desk from one room to the other which is setting in motion moving the Listers (me), the desk used by the public to do deed transfer lookups, plus rearranging where work tables and such are. No contractors will be involved. A volunteer will handle the computer and phone line connections and we’ll otherwise move our own stuff tomorrow (Town Hall is closed on Fridays so we can do it without inconveniencing the public).