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First, thanks for the clarification. I’m glad to know they couldn’t be one and the same. And thus, my apology to Tolik for a potential slight that he probably didn’t even get, since it was more than a bit of an inside non-joke to a few of us that remember other people, other times, in other places. As for what happened, there were three administrators – one noted above. The primary one became unable to continue, and the other has been very tied up in a lot of other things and largely out of the net for some time. And the first one held the greatest technical knowledge of the system – thus, essentially all of the cards. It was just “circumstances.” When the person with the master keys to the castle decides to take it over as his own, there is little that can be done – no criticism at all directed from here at the other two key-holders.

But that’s an outside issue, and probably inappropriate for further discussion here. I’m just glad to know we don’t have cross-over to here from there – huge relief.

And I’m glad to know that there are other areas of agreement – I agree, that would not be possible had it been the same individual. So regardless of whether Tolik understands much of this conversation, my apology to him for any unintended slight. But I do still try (unsuccessfully at times myself) to not feed the trolls. I guess I’m just still very worn out by that old experience, and perhaps over-react to anything that even looks like it here. This is a good place.

I still feel badly about the near-miss we had in early May. Woulda been nice!

Again: Tolik, peace. My sincere apology for any offense. (But ease up on Whirlibird. He really is one of the good guys.)