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Has anybody wondered where the Fed gets the money to “buy” all those treasuries and mortgage backed securities (currently over $4.5 TRILLION)? I mean, it’s not like they own a business or have a rich uncle. Last I checked, it’s just a bunch of guys and gals appointed to “governor” positions, with one of those gals being appointed the all-knowing chairperson. It would be so absurdly laughable if it wasn’t so deeply serious. The average person doesn’t even have a clue about this stuff, never asks questions, and just figures that the gummint knows more than they do and will ultimately take care of them. Karl must be smiling up from his grave, grinning ear to ear. My, my, what great work his book has accomplished in only 167 years. {choke!}

[sarc/ON] I’m just glad to know that the crisis is over and everything is now completely back on track. After all, the “market” couldn’t have gone up 619 points in just one day if things weren’t all better! (Could it?)

Oh – and I notice that oil is staying down around (or even below) $38/barrel, with silver hitting a 6-year low. And gold was down over $50 off its recent upswing last week of $1170. Now I know I can fill my gas tank cheaper, and there CAN’T be anything to worry about if nobody’s bidding up gold and silver because they know something bad is coming. ♫ La-la-la-la-la! ♫ All is well. China and its economy? Russia and its oil-based economy? Forget them! We’re America. They don’t affect us. [sarc/OFF]

[DeepSerious/ON] Poke around John Williams’ Shadow Stats web site. There’s a (pun intended) wealth of information even in the non-subscription areas. What’s the REAL inflation rate? What’s the REAL unemployment rate? It’s all there in the public area.

And if you want to go REALLY deep: http://www.shadowstats.com/article/special-commentary-2015.pdf

Warning: don’t read any of the above two links shortly before trying to go to bed at night. I won’t be responsible for your inability to sleep well, or for the nightmares that could result. <very weak grin>