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Even though I am not a fan of LEO profession in general nor have I really had any decent interactions with law enforcement to any great degree, I have noticed that the cops I deal with locally HAVE become more cordial over the last year.

I wonder if the public opinion of them has caused those that ARE concerned about the crap going on nation wide to modify their behavior/demeanor a bit. Even the cops I have dealt with over the last 16 – 17 months as a bouncer are being less heavy handed from what I have seen. Although, I do seem them handle people that need body slammed to nicely at times. I hope it doesn’t end up like that one detective that had his pistol taken and where he got molly wopped.

I feel that Law Enforcement has overstepped the initial intent of Peace Keepers, but still these guys don’t need to be smacked around if they are being professional and polite.