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And did anyone see the story about the Special Forces NCO that is being thrown out of the Army because he {GASP!} manhandled a police official in Afghanistan that had repeatedly raped a young boy and beat up the mother when she objected? Yep! Everybody in the U.S. military has to go through hours and hours of sexual harassment training every year, but we don’t want to offend the local Afghan police, so we should let them just rape, extort, murder, whatever, and turn a blind eye. They’re there to “serve and protect,” while our military is there to be shot or face court martial for doing the moral thing. (Of course, there were always all the others that did NOT end up being prosecuted for some “little” incident known as My Lai.)

The SNAFU meter is like the BS meter – bent and stuck as it slammed against the far right side of the scale.