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When I read this, I was struck with the thought – a very eerie one – that one could almost substitute the United States here except for some of the minor specific details, like elections next month. The parallels to what’s happening in the United States are striking. Oh, we have the facade of greater wealth perhaps, when compared to Greece, but the degree of problems and the pace at which the decline is happening and rapidly accelerating is frightening. The following were my hasty first thoughts written to a friend in an email, immediately after I read Proteus’ last entry. I included a link to the above post at the end of my email (my friend has recently become an occasional reader of this forum).

When I read this post by Proteus55, I felt like I was reading about the U.S. It sounds like what we’re facing, except for one thing: the comments in the short final paragraph. If WE had to ask for outside assistance, who would we even go to? The U.N.? And who would come? China and Russia? No one else has sufficient manpower to “subdue” whatever crisis we might have that required such intervention. Otherwise, the problems existing there in Greece sound all too familiar, including the position our next president will be in, no matter how well meaning he or she might be. S/he’ll just be a figurehead, without the power to really fix what’s wrong, and will end up being the lightning rod for everybody’s dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the nation. We’ve become Greece – bankrupt, broken, being run over by disease and crime-ridden invaders in the form of “undocumented workers,” run by corrupt politicians who do their work while in office, then step aside so the nation can elect the next group of “leaders” to save us from ourselves. And the death spiral continues. This post is just eerie.

To Proteus: The line under my signature block is one that I suspect you can relate to, all too well. My heart goes out to you and your good and decent countrymen, as do my prayers. I wish I had something more to offer, and perhaps it’s a sign of my own faith that I regretfully say, “I wish I had something more to offer,” because I don’t believe that the power to fix this is realistically available to mankind any longer. In theory it should be, but I think we’ve collectively gone past the point of no return before the “big one” hits (in the U.S. that reference means the long-anticipated massive earthquake everyone “knows” will eventually functionally destroy much of California, but figuratively means any cataclysmic event that could do the same in any number of other circumstances). Meanwhile, life goes on with many people pretending even to themselves to be oblivious to the decay all around us – socially, politically, physically, morally, and spiritually. And I think that last one (spiritually) would be the only real key to unlocking the other four. Unfortunately, we’ve (collectively) turned our backs on, or at least casually dismissed the Almighty, and are paying the price in so many ways.

None the less, my prayers are with you and yours Proteus. I just cannot help but be struck by the metaphor that is Greece, when looking at my own country. I don’t want to imagine how bad it must be to actually live there.