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nlouise – I can indentify! Homes were built to let in light and make going from anywhere in the house to the outside without a lot of trouble. Now what was such a blessing is a bit of a nightmare.One I am now working more on. Selco and his experience/outlook has helped me a lot. The first thing I decided was to have a plan to stop or at least slow people even getting near here if possible/needed. For me, a chainsaw, sweat and neighbor help will fell a few select huge trees that will help that. Second was to make window coverings like I did when I lived in Florida for the hurricane preparation. As I have time I am painting the outside facing side to look old, dirty, been there a long time. Slowly as funds happen I am having the 3m product that makes it almost impossible to break through the glass put on. I have already removed/sealed/changed 2 doors. Was 6 to outside, now more manageable. They are steel doors anyway but now with security type of hinges/locks a friend in the business helped with. My next thing was to figure what I could do to leave the house and go away somewhere close by if the place is broken into/people come- without being seen. An interesting puzzle if must be done in daylight. For now that is basically it as available funds are slowly spread on the many other things on my list of concerns. My only suggestion would be to maybe get a dog? I know they can save you from lots of not so nice stuff and are good early warning system if nothing else. Good luck but keep thinking – you’ll figure it out to your satisfaction I expect.