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Yes, and the PM has officially resigned, setting out the way for elections in the second or third week in September. Behind the political and social tensions, there are huge problems like those you all mentioned. Assets are being sold (16 airports, small islands etc) and this is only the beginning of the avalanche. I don’t expect anything good to happen in the coming months. Whoever gets elected will have to make true of all these promises to the powers that be, and they will be little more than puppets since they won’t be able to exercise much of political volition; instead they will have to implement all those things voted under the constant threat of being kicked out, crashing the system and all-out collapsing etc. Immigration issues are not solved since under “Dublin II” treaty the immigrants will most likely be returned to the point of entry in the EU when rejected by most other EU countries, which means Greece will have to manage with nearly half a million extra people while not being able to support itself or its people. It doesn’t take a genius to predict a major humanitarian crisis is brewing, among all other social unrest when the austerity measures hit home. Also, what seems to be forgotten is the diseases present in various people entering illegally through hundreds of boats. Although the coastguard is making every effort to assist, control and screen people, there are various strains of dangerous bacteria found that could spark an epidemic in the islands or the mainland (or even in other countries, if proper sanitation and disease control stations are not established). Rioting might not be looming around the corner as yet, but it’s not as far away as news reports suggest.

I hope that Greece will not have to ask for assistance from the international task-force during the massive NATO exercise (35,000 people) in September in the Eastern Mediterranean…