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Looking forward to having you visiting our country. It is not all doom and gloom here, but a healthy dose of common sense and keeping your head on a swivel can’t do any harm. If you can source some pepper spray, collapsible baton, etc. upon your arrival do it, just don’t make it to obvious that you are carrying it. It is not against the law, but the element of surprise is always better to have on your side.

For Cape Town, be careful when driving on the N2 highway to and from the airport, as it has become a favourite area for scum to put obstacles in the road that puncture tyres and then they rob the people next to the road, so whatever you do, if you have a puncture/blow-out on that road keep driving!! Table Mountain and surrounding area has also become a hotspot for muggings/armed robberies of tourists.

In Johannesburg a lot of people have been followed from the airport and robbed when they arrive at their destinations, so check that you are not being followed. Also, if you are driving anywhere in this country, do NOT pull into a driveway and wait for the gate to open, rather stay in the road until the gate is opened so you do not get boxed in between the gate and the criminals, as this is a favourite M.O. for criminals.

And obviously, avoid any dodgy looking areas, pack sunscreen, don’t act like a lost tourist and do not feed the animals :-)