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Some years back I was deer hunting, a small storm moved in and the sun disappeared, not much rain
but it remained cloudy. It was in early Dec. and the temp began falling as dark approached, I was about 2 miles from my truck in heavy timber and decided I better start back, somehow I got off track and lost my trail and had
no sun to check my direction. I continued to retrace my footsteps in hope of finding my trail but to no avail, I
was turned around and lost.
It had now turned completely dark and I had no idea which way to go, no compass either not for a area I hunted for years. Any way I began to panic and started moving very quick through brush, briers ect. only to end up falling down a small outcrop of rocks, lucky for me this stopped me in my tracks without injury and made me think that if I didn’t
slow down and figure out a plan I was going to and up hurt or dead. so then and there I started to think, what can
I do to get out of these woods. I knew no one would find me for a day or so because i didn’t tell anyone what location I was hunting. I knew I couldn’t go on in the dark and figured the best thing was to wait until morning, so that’s what I did. The temp. was now about 20 degrees F. and getting colder so I sat there on those rocks and figured my next move. I was dressed in winter clothes and had a lighter w/ me, I made a small fire and man did that help in ways you wouldn’t believe, I began to think better and remembered my father telling me as a boy, if
you need to stay warm in the woods cover yourself in a big bed of leaves, I gathered more wood and buried myself in leaves next to the fire. As night progressed the sky had cleared and it became much colder but I was
warm enough not to freeze to death, I kept that fire going all night and even nodded off for awhile.
Come morning the sun was shinning and I was able to get my bearings, turns out I was not to far from my trail
everything looks better in the daylight. I soon found my way back to my truck and drove home for a hot bath and warm food. I will never forget that night in the woods and I’m thankful I stumbled over those rocks, because that gave me the time to start thinking and stop panicking. I now let someone know where I will be and carry a compass even on my own property. Lesson learned.