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Pilgrim, here in New England (further north up the Atlantic coast from where 74 is) the last two winters were colder than normal and lasted longer than normal, and with some areas getting more snow than normal. Last summer was cooler and dryer than normal. The summer before that was warmer than normal. This spring was dryer than normal followed by a much wetter than normal June and at this point we are about average for the year rainfall-wise. Temps this summer have been fairly normal. None of our weather these past couple years was beyond the range of what has historically been known for this region. In 2011 we had devastating floods here in Vermont from Tropical Storm Irene (what had been Hurricane Irene before it made landfall) but we experienced similar flooding in 1927, so what happened 4 years ago fell within cyclical norms. Over long periods of time climates do change but I think most departures from “normal” do fall within historical norms even if infrequent.