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Seems as if though you get weird neighbours everywhere. I personally feel that in a SHTF situation each household must show why they should be part of the community, either by skills they have, resources or a combination. The worst thing that can happen is if you have people that are only there, because they don’t have any other options at that point in time. As soon as they get a “better” proposition they may compromise/sell-out everyone else.

We have a sort of commune a few houses down from us. It is an old house that has been converted into different “apartments” and they are rented out to some very “interesting” people. It is a bit quieter now, but at one stage the one tenant would go into a midnight-self-pity-alcohol-consuming-music-blaring mood, especially on Sunday evenings. There have also been some domestic violence issues and then the usual alcohol fuelled disagreements, but luckily to date the police have been very efficient in sorting them out and the owners have now started acting more strictly.

My immediate neighbours on either side are very nice people, the one side is an old retired couple and the other side is actually our reverend. Across is the road is also a couple that is very much into camping and the outdoor lifestyle. One thing about our culture, is that a lot of people enjoy camping and caravanning, so most of the people in our area have the basics and some, more advanced/serious equipment, so should worst come to worst, I believe that our neighbourhood should be able to function pretty good (obviously there are the yuppies that will faint at the thought of anything less that a 5 star hotel, but that is too bad).

There are obviously the few people in the area that I would not be to keen to have with us when SHTF, as I simply don’t get a kosher feeling around them…