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I spent yesterday afternoon/evening and then today volunteering at a major fundraiser for a non-profit I am associated with, and it was surreal when contrasted against what is happening on Wall St. I ran the registration table where pre-registered people check in and walk-in registrants sign up, with me personally handling all of the walk-in registrations and the handling of any registration related issues that came up otherwise. People were paying $160 to ride their bikes on public roads going on pre-planned routes using cue sheets we provide them. We do provide a nice breakfast, lunch and snacks on the route and certain other support, and a dinner afterwards in a sort of festive environment, but most of the price is profit given it is a fund raiser. Not a single person balked at the price. Many travel long distances to do the rides, adding airfare, hotel, and other costs. I repeat, not a single person balked at the price, and both ridership and the price was up versus last year. If the economy tanks, there are a whole lot of people who will not have seen it coming.