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The problem is that we are to nice, we go to war with attorneys that need to tell us if it is OK to shoot. We need to change our ways and go in to win at all cost, destroy the animals.

You’re right. But that’s a fairly tall order as long as the Glorious Leader is a lawyer who owes his election to banksters and his (poorly-masked) emotional (religious?) attachment to IS.

Unfortunately, electing a government that doesn’t owe its soul to banksters will take more thought and campaigning than most citizens — even the angry ones — are prepared to do. Everyone wants a quick fix. But it’ll take more than just the presidency to do it, and more than just a foreign policy makeover. Could it be done? Yeah, it’s not impossible. Will it be done? Take a hard look at the Public-Fool-System-“educated,” semi-literate, emotionally-driven, TV-controlled majority of this nation, and you tell me.

I think if we somehow managed to elect a real patriot president, with a serious, workable plan to undo decades of sellout, neglect, and handouts at all levels, with a mostly un-blackmailed congress to help him do it, he’d still have to spend most of his time trying to persuade all the people who would lose their unfunded freebies, that he wasn’t ruining their lives by putting them back to work, and the rest of it ducking assassination attempts.

Cry, "Treason!"