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When SHTF it won’t matter who is president. Depending on the gravity of the event I would expect regions to break off into separate groups out of necessity. I see the most time relevant scenario to be an economic collapse. There will be a struggle to maintain control but if it is a prolonged event I suspect, much like what will happen where you live, peoples will group together for safety. States with resources will want no part of states who are full of freeloaders. Those who rise to the top at the state level will most likely try to get clear of the sinking titanic of the former federal government. The cat will be out of the bag with no way to put it back in. Allies will be made with bordering states in an attempt to rebuild and gain control of what can be salvaged. We have all seen the maps depicting the US fragmented into 5 or 6 territories. How accurate they are is anybody’s guess but it seems like the most likely outcome to me.