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I do believe that all the economies in the world are in trouble and this means that somewhere there will be war.

Yes, all the economies in the world are in the same trouble, since there’s no way to borrow your way out of debt. Once nations empower a few “special” people to issue intrinsically valueless notes as the official “currency,” and lend it, at interest, to the government, they eventually reach the point when they mathematically can never repay the “debt,” since the “money” with which to pay the “interest” was never created. All they can do, by those self-strangling rules, is refinance. Eventually they become so burdened with debt, relative to their ability to maintain required payments, that the “lenders” refuse to refinance, unless publicly-owned capital (roads, bridges, airports, water sources, dams, etc) are surrendered. With enough self-impoverishment, conquering and looting other nations begins to look like a way out.

“No problem!” The guys who loaned you the “money” to buy all that stuff you now can’t pay for, can just loan you some more, to buy weapons, and muster an outsized and aggressive military, to go conquer the neighbors, and take their stuff. Of course, the banksters, or their cousins also made the same deal to the neighbors, and as long as the various “sides” go after each other (and not after the banksters) these special, privileged people will end up owning more of the world. So what if it has to be rebuilt? They can loan the survivors all the “money” it takes, and eventually, they’ll own that too.

Such a sweet deal! However it goes, the banksters win, and everybody else loses. Do the ants in the ant farm ever contemplate stinging the jerk who turned the box upside-down? The prudent ones are probably just busily stashing food, for the next overturn.

Cry, "Treason!"