Blend in with the rest for the main reason – to be left at peace in your own little world. That would mean not to speak up. Not to stand out or attract any attention.

To learn survival skills and practice, is safer than to keep a lot off tin food. Learning survival skills to protect your family and to feed them. It is important not to be seen as a threat for the government, while you are simply preparing to survive an economic collapse.

There is similarity with situation here. Since we had brutal war 20 years ago some things are not smart here to be seen.
If you are interested in survival here, storing food, love weapon (too much) automatically they (government) look at you as a guy who “invoke” rioting, war, hate etc.
So it make huge sense here to keep low profile in being survivalist.

I agree with others here, government and law can say whatever they want to say, do and prepare for what make sense.
How many normal folks there “obeying” laws about what they can have and what they can not have of weapons (and how much)?