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MB, I personally do not have any idea if we did attack or not but I believe that an EMP attack will not happen.

Here is why. The U. S. would become radioactive from all the nuclear power plants melt down and that would in time go all around the Earth killing even the Chinese. Also the Chinese want to take over the U. S. resources(land, water, minerals, gas and oil, gold and silver and all properties) so EMP is not an option for the Chinese.

Cyber attack is an option. Why? Well the way I see it is a Cyber attack will kill the electric grid for months which will kill 50 to 75% of the population which would make the U. S. weak so they can attack us. Also a cyber attack would mean that our military can supply the nuclear power plants with gas to run the generators since a cyber attack doesn’t do anything to our cars and trucks which would mean that there would be no radiation and they can try to win a war and keep all the U. S. resources. I also believe that Russia is in this deal with China.

They will first try to weaken the U. S. Economy to the point of collapse then do a cyber attack to finish us.

Well that is my 2 cents on this.