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Brulen, I’ll agree that tourists tend to be a better class of people than the kinds of back road bums we’re talking about but if they arrive next door utterly unprepared and most likely unskilled in anything useful, they will just add to everything else you are dealing with. That most tourists are unarmed is a mixed bag. It is good in that it reduces the initial threat they represent, but then they’re not going to be of much use in helping provide neighborhood security either.

I think you’ve mentioned the relatives before. No easy answers there so long as you all live in the same area. Hopefully they at least have some useful skills. Come SHTF, who had more money will be less important than it is now.

As I mentally process this white trash neighbor situation, that they are across the road from me is not good, but if they are going to be problematic for us, their immediate neighbors, they are going to be problematic for the entire hamlet. In the absence of modern law enforcement, the hamlet as a whole will decide how to handle them and any other problematic residents in a post-SHTF version of Town Meeting. Part of our Puritan heritage is succinctly summarized as “personal accountability, community responsibility”.