Thank you for your reply and thanks to all the others as well. I really don’t know where to begin, it seems quite
bewildering, as a rule I do keep some extra can goods but at this point that’s about it.
When I try to think of everything one would have to have on hand to survive say a trucking strike or
a terrible storm, that’s where the bewildering point kicks in. What are the most important items that I should
concentrate on first, other than food ?

dillon44 P.S. I’m sure people are shaking their heads at me with good reason.

Not shaking their heads at all.
We’ve all been there at least once.

Water is first and foremost for almost everyone. 1 gallon per day per person minimum.

After that it gets more challenging.
Look at your daily needs, carefully.

Instead of some nebulous circumstance, look at what would happen if you were snowed in for a couple days or were out of work for a while. On another forum, a gent wrote about living off preps for 10 months after a job loss. It happens, an extreme perhaps but it does happen. A handful of years ago, we dug into our preps after a work injury dropped my take home pay by a third. Still working at rebuilding.

Evaluate what you and yours would need to survive three days, water, food, heat, light, everything.
Work at putting those three days together.
Then work at building up three weeks.
Then three months.
After that the quantity is up to you, your storage availability and finances.
Just don’t forget to rotate and don’t buy everything at once, its expensive and it all comes due (expires) at the same time.