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Difficult decisions await us all post-SHTF. To the extent we can acknowledge that the better we will be able to make the emotional adjustment. I’m one of those folks that can get along with just about anybody, I think on account I instinctively look for common ground so as make a connection. There are people that I just don’t like that I try to steer clear of but to the extent I can’t ignore them, I usually find a way to at least maintain civil discourse. Sometimes diplomacy can go a long way. I will try to get my little neighborhood working together and will do what I have to do with those that choose not to. One of the sad parts about the current situation is that the old woman, though fragile of body, has knowledge that might benefit us all. She is the youngest of 21 children (those French Canadians were a prolific lot) and when she was a young mother she grew and preserved much of her family’s food. No matter what level of cooperation there might be from that white trash family however, the rest of the neighbors will have to maintain opsec as concerns them. The wife isn’t going to suddenly become trustworthy