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Glad you’re here. I came for two reasons. Long before I knew there was a forum, I’d seen a number of Selco’s posts on the internet where he spoke of his own personal experience living through total chaos, and anarchy of the worst variety. Then when another forum I’d been on for many years went down the tubes, I found out two good member of that forum had migrated here. I’d tried another place briefly, but found too much infighting and willingness to “eat their own” because of egos and just a need to be bullies in a few cases. I didn’t stay there long at all. When I found out two good people form the much older forum were here, I “lurked” for a little while, then decided to join not long ago. While differences in opinion can be somewhat pronounced at times, it’s unlikely you’ll see much in the way of personal attacks. Instead, what you’ll mostly see is a lot of support for ANYone sincerely interested in learning. That’s the criteria, not necessarily having an “approved” political view point, or a great deal of expertise in any given area. Nope – the folks here are generally independent thinkers with good heads on their shoulders, but tolerant of others’ views, and mostly here to contribute to the greater good by choice (not government mandate).

And be aware that this is hardly a U.S.-only “club.” There are some great members from all over the world, with equally great updates on circumstances from such places as Greece, Africa, and other places. Of course “our” own Selco has his experiences with which you’re likely fairly aware by now.

So welcome aboard and enjoy! My limited experience here has been a very positive experience.

Georgia Saint