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It’s been almost three weeks since my last update, so I figured I’d update you all with what little has been going on. With regards to news from Greece, not much of true interest is reported lately. Usually this under-reporting is a bad thing, since they always do that when they can’t face the music. While waiting to see some reactions from the voting in the parliament, most I see is bickering and division in the government party. Things are tough but they try to hide it pretty well; most of the local news are filled with about summer beaches, the weather and ’enough doom and gloom’ which of course is a front to hide the real mess. There have been a couple of attempts to send Varoufakis to High Court on counts to Treason with intent etc etc but so far various factors are stalling. The heat is up with regards to airspace violations from Turkish fighter planes, but nothing uncommon there. The immigration problem is almost reaching boiling point in Kos and other islands where the refugees are trapped in regulations and facing poor prospects after being promised a better life abroad. It costs about 1100 euro per capita to make it across to Greece, so you can see someone is making big money out of this “trade”. Among the refugees there are some undesirables like terrorists; it’s quite interesting, as according to a previous statement from ISIS member, Greece has been used as transit for these guys from Syria to Europe and then back to Syria – although that cannot easily be confirmed. This and other topics are issues of contention between various politicians and the people are struggling on, feeling much deflated and looking towards the next election which is rumored to be in September, according to some journalists… Capital controls remain although there are more things allowed to be done at the bank…still no paypal and no ability to purchase from abroad (like Ebay), although some internet purchases are allowed as long as the company that sells the product has an account in a Greek bank… (not much chance of that!)