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Sounds like we’re not alone in the problem neighbors department. Better to know the score than not I suppose. Roadracer, you are right, the scheming manipulative wife is the dangerous one. On several fronts that I can think of she could also prove to be their demise before we even get to a SHTF period. Assuming that doesn’t happen however, the fact that they are the odd ones out vs us other 4 neighbors will put the onus on them to behave and be cooperative post-SHTF. They’re armed but so aren’t the rest of us. As I said I think the father is probably OK and so that’ll have to be the way we approach this. He seems to want to interact with us now and will wave if by himself but not if the wife is with him. Part of her modus operandi has been to stay apart so as to keep the old woman isolated. They don’t have to become our friends post-SHTF, but mutual cooperation and support will prove essential for any neighborhood to function.

Brulen, the Bed & Breakfast thing caught my attention. My guess is that the tourists that come to your area are pretty much all coming from the Metro NYC area and come SHTF when those same folks realize they need to leave the city/suburbs that they are going to head to the places where they vacation. Whether your neighbor is accepting guests or not at that point, some folks from Metro NYC may well be showing up expecting to find refuge there. I doubt they will be coming prepared to take care of themselves. This is why when we were looking for property I did not look in any of the ski resort or lake communities nor what we call the gold towns that have large numbers of out-of-stater second homes. Let’s home the B&B does fade away.