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Of my two neighbors one has had double bypass a month ago and the other hobbles around like hes got bad hips and arthritis. The one i ignore and the other with the heart problem we try to help occasionally. He’s been changing his diet so often his wife gives us old food. There is no more fat in his menu. He’s on a big time lose weight plan, or else. The ignored one has his place up for sale. No info on why except it will probably be permanent retirement from working the B&B thing he has going. I can’t imagine anyone will buy it for the price he’s asking. Too much stress dealing with tourists and finances, not to mention the zoning planning codes issues. We’ve lived here the longest and watched dozens of people come and go. The place is becoming so much like an old folks home it scares us at times. Maybe it is only the demented who want to live here with the crazy politics and laws. Almost time for us to cash out. Not quite yet but soon, real soon. No love for ny under cuomo and the downstate blackocracy.