That sounds like good advice. Thanks.

One of the things I remember reading about was that after the New World was opened up and the potato actually lost it’s stigma, lots of places switched from grains to potatoes.

Simple reason – war. It was relatively easy to trample your enemies’ grains with cavalry or just burn them. Then you’re hosed. But potatoes could survive cavalry and even fire.

The Irish potato famine happened because of the Irish themselves, believe it or not. The blight only hit one particular kind of potato. There were several other kinds to choose from to plant, and historically, those other kinds were planted. But the Irish favored one kind in particular and gradually that’s all the grew. When the blight hit, it wiped out almost all the potatoes. If they had kept the variety thing going on, it wouldn’t have been nearly as bad…

That, and the situation was made worse by the deliberate withholding of food that could have relieved the problem…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1