Anyone taking The King’s Shilling is automatically suspect – they can be leveraged. Food is a weapon, same as any other. It might even be the <i>original</i> weapon as far as I know…

The neighbors I spoke of, they’re not “bad” people… they just do things different than others. Nothing wrong with that. But I’m thinking they do tend to make poor decisions – investing in 9 vehicles that don’t run and are completely different makes, models, years, for example. Poor decision making needs to be accounted for, but like I said, they’re not “bad”.

I know of one family. The dad is a decent sort who made a good reputation for himself by square-dealing and a solid work ethic. His spawn? Not so much. Pill heads, thieves and ripoff artists. “Dad” is in denial about his kids. Those pukes, I watch out for. I feel sorry for the Dad…

Usually in small communities, everyone knows who the bad eggs are. I think the problem of “bad eggs” will solve itself come SHTF… one way or the other…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1