We’re much in the same situation…

My son calls our little area here “The Shire” – because that’s what it looks like.

Most folks are hardworking, easy going folks. Except the people who have the property adjacent to ours. They literally have 9 vehicles in various stages of dis-assembly on their property. One of which I cannot see anymore because the weeds and grass have overgrown it. They used to have cattle, but then all the cattle disappeared. Couple days later, they buy yet another car… A week later, the guy starts coming home with piles and piles of loading skids. After a couple days, I notice he’s arranging them in some sort of wall… I asked what he was up to with the Great Wall of Loading Skids he was working on…

His answer: “Pigs”.

Great. The man’s got every right to run pigs on his own land, but they’re tough on fences and, since I’m the one who sprang for the fence that borders his property ( I paid for it because he pleaded poverty on the matter. So he gets free use of it without having paid for it) – that any damages his pigs do to my fence I expect him to pay for… work on the Great Wall of Loading Skids has since stopped.

I’ve often fantasized about buying them out and then bulldozing everything. Contract a wrecker and have them drag all those automobile and truck carcasses off to the junk heap. I doubt that I will have enough financial leverage to buy him out, which means when SHTF, we’re going to have to figure out how to work together. He doesn’t strike me as a bad sort.. just weird.. and not too bright…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1