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Adding to 74’s comments, for non-gardeners, it is critical that you get a planting bed established now while it is easy to do so in a mechanized way, whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it. The initial breaking up of the sod is a lot of work. I would also include a soil analysis by your local Extension Service or comparable agency. I have a new garden space this year but didn’t get the soil tested. Some items have done very well despite benign neglect on my part, some items I don’t know how well they’ve done because nibbling critters interfered, and some items didn’t do well at all. I am now going to do what I should have done last year and get some soil samples tested. I am also going to get some soil samples from the yard in areas where I have been planting fruit trees and bushes, again on account some items are doing better than others.

The other reason to get a garden going now is that not every fruit or veggie likes every micro-climate. Best to experiment with what does well in your space now when it doesn’t really matter.