Okay, update.

Our efforts were in a holding pattern for a few weeks. The company that waterproofed the basement was notified and, given the amount of rain we’ve been getting (you might have noticed the flood warnings and our Governor trying to get parts of the Commonwealth declared disaster areas), they were literally backlogged weeks.

Last week, they finally got downstairs and fixed the problem. Guy said it was literally one small pinhole that was exploited by the water. They fixed it. Then we had to let everything dry and cure. Which brings us to 3 days ago – we formed a bucket brigade again, only everything heading down the stairs instead of up. Which was a good thing, being as visitors to our home asked if we had been to Sam’s Club recently (we had food, ammo, boxes, etc, stacked anywhere we could find a space, with paths between them. Don’t know how many times I kicked a full 50 cal ammo can with bare feet, coming out of the bathroom at 2am. that gets old fast). Most of the issues have been addressed, things cleaned and repacked in plastic containers instead of boxes, etc, and ventilation installed to keep the whole mold thing from happening again…

If there is an upside to all this, is that the basement got a good cleaning, our stocks were noted and rotated, deficiencies noted with plans to fill those holes in our preps… so I guess it’s a net win. But it was a lot of work…

Still have a few minor piddly things to take care of, but those can be done at our leisure…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1