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Jay, I agree with most of the comments here. I appreciate what you do, and have seen another forum struggle as time went on and things got more and more complicated. Things broke down more and more often, and from what I understood from the administrators, it was a massive patch job that perhaps only one of the administrators really fully understood (if even he did) after several years.

The ONLY concern I have is I love the privacy here. I happen to use “Lightbeam” (an add-on for Firefox) that displays just what other sites are also being linked to when one goes to any internet site. For example, go to Drudge and you get yimg.com (a Yahoo “service”), bing.net, ajax.googleapis.com, twimg.com, and the big-G Google itself. And then you get the interconnectedness from Google to whatever else you’ve visited. I happen to close out my browser frequently just so it will (as set) delete all history and cookies (particularly if I am about to go to Amazon or my bank and transact business), and then close out the browser again when I leave those sites. But on occasion when I come here, I may not have closed out my browser or do so once I leave. I appreciate the fact that when I visit the SHTF Forum, the only two links are fonts.googleapis.com and gravatar.com. I’d prefer to have NO links, but at least with multiple other sites visited in the same browser session without closing it, I have yet to see interlinking of sites as a result of a visit here. Can we keep that limited linking in a new forum location? (And maybe even decrease or eliminate those two also?)

Still, I am comfortable that privacy and to the extent possible anonymity, are important here, and trust you to do what’s overall best for the Forum and also not unnecessarily burden you and those that assist.

OOOPS! Just before sending this, I took one more look at Lightbeam. “We” just connected up to Google through webnots.com, which then links me to EVERY other site I’ve visited in this browser session. I decided to leave all the above so you’d see what my thinking was, at least, but add this update before I sent the entire message so you’d know my concerns. Please keep us as UNlinked to other sites as possible, wherever you end up. To date, the ONLY site I can visit (that I’ve used, at least) without any connection to any other site is startpage.com and pages directly associated with that site (a great site to research if you’re interested in anonymous searching instead of telling Google who you are via your IP address, and where you go/what your interests are). I use startpage.com and ixquick.com almost exclusively for all internet searching. I don’t have much if anything to hide from “prying eyes,” I just don’t want my business to be anyone else’s without my permission.

Thanks for all you do to keep this available – bottom line, do what you need to do the best you can, and take care of yourself as well, as you do it.