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The 3rd time’s the lucky charm! I found my back boundaries! It goes back 250-300′ further than I used to think (me having incorrectly thought an ancient stone wall must be the back boundary) and it extends a nice amount further on one side than I thought was the case too. That gives me a nice chunk of good quality woods I didn’t realize was mine. Much of my woods are soggy due to poor drainage and being at the base of the mountain but this additional area that I hadn’t realized was mine is on the rising slope and totally dry.

To bring this back to a prepping slant, while I was wandering around back there I was thinking about where and how I might cache things should it come to that. Between rocks and roots digging a hole would be all but impossible in most of it. That said, I’m not convinced actually burying anything would be a good idea even if I could. Frost can go pretty deep here in the winter which would make anything buried totally inaccessible. My thinking is put sealed PVC pipes on the surface, cover with brown tarps, and then cover the tarp with pine needles or leaves depending upon location, and then branches or other debris on top. There are so many downed trees, old stumps, and large stones on the surface out there that a few additional lumps would not stick out in the least. Recording the GPS coordinates is good but I think best to have a secondary way of finding it again. That’s the hard part but I’d figure it out.