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Hello Tracer. Interesting to learn what made you begin on the path of becoming self-reliant.

I live in the country surrounded by farms. But so many in my country have lived their lives in or near the city, most no longer have any idea even where their own food comes from —or of course how to grow it. A few years ago we had a big wind storm with 100 plus winds called a derecho. Wind comes fast, hard and straight line at you, not all around. Even here out in the country, when the power was out for 3 weeks, many did not know what to do. And, it was 103F and very humid afterwards. Only the older farmers and those that are prepared were really okay. Without power most could not pump water from the wells to water the animals in the heat. I spent many days filling my truck with 5 gallon buckets of water to take to the neighbors I could get to animals; and, going through fields to collect animals that had run away/lost. Big old trees had fallen everywhere around. This made it impossible, even with gas in the vehicle, to go very far. Barns and homes were heavily damaged. If you had a chain saw and gas you could make a lot of money very quickly as people got more desperate to get out somewhere to buy supplies. And, this living only 1/2 hour from a town. We were fortunate that the community is close and we did not have looting as would be down near the city.

Thanks for reminding me of what my mother used to say, ‘Nobody ever died from hard work’. I think you are smart to be on your path.