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I went back out there again today. No luck on finding metal pins but I did visit that grandfather tree again. This time I paid attention to the bark and while the tree didn’t have any branches low enough to take a leaf from, from studying the bark I realized that the tree I took a leaf from yesterday was not the same kind of tree, despite the leaf being similar. The bark on the main trunk was somewhat nondescript given its age and condition but the limbs coming off it were identifiable. I think the tree is actually an ancient yellow birch. The average lifespan is 150 years but they can live 300 years. The manner in which the limbs spread out is indicative of it having been in the open long ago which might make it as much as 250 years old. The circumference is more than 10′ waist high. I paid attention to the path I took exiting the woods and it is definitely on my property.