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You’d have to run into a European bike made before the 1980’s to have the shifter and rear brake switched sides from the current universal system, shifter on the left side, rear brake on the right side. Almost universal is first gear one down, then 2,3,4 and 5 up. Shifting down is 5 down and one back up for neutral. The clutch is always on the left side of the handlebar and the front brake one the right side. (This is true even on backward configured Brit bikes from pre 80’s)

Not all bikes have clutch on the left handlebar and many older American bikes were 1 up and 3 down on shifting. Many older American bikes have a pedal on the left side that operates the clutch and then a shifter on the left side of the tank for the gear. This is called a “suicide shift” and there are many V-twins out there are that are being made in that configuration again as a retro style.

As for riding horses, mules, and donkeys: Training each animal is totally different than one another, but they usually ride about the same. You do have to determine if they neck reign or plow reign. That means you either use one hand to put the reigns upon the animal’s neck and it turns from there or if you have to pull the head around using both hands like you were driving a plow/cart/etc.